Americas Bat Company acquires its timber from the best selected forests on the planet, where the climatic conditions provide the perfect balance between cold, heat, rain and snow that creates the best pieces of ash and maple available for the confection of a baseball bat. The timber that Americas Bat transforms is fully certified by the big leagues and proceeds from the forests of Canada and New York State.

Rock Maple continues to be the most popular wood species used for bat production, and at Americas Bat Co., we only use the best. Because maple is such an extremely hard and dense wood, players often comment that the ball jumps off the barrel of their maple bat like no other. Maple creates bats that are extremely hard, with little or no flex.

Yellow Birch is a fibrous hardwood that many players prefer because in their words “is the perfect combination between Maple and Ash”. This hardwood is a shade lighter than its maple counterpart, which allows us to utilize this species when turning full barreled bats that require a lighter weight.

Northern Ash had been the preferred hardwood used for bat production for close to a century, before Maple hit the scene in the late ’90s. Ash is still a popular choice among baseball players because of its ability to flex more than other hardwoods. Players who prefer Ash typically choose this species for its flexability at the point of contact with the baseball, producing what some describe as a springboard effect.